Monday, July 21, 2008

Call for Proposals

Stock's goal is to fund Portland artist projects as directly as possible. Less red-tape, more money for art! Stock grants fund specific artist projects. Portland-based individuals and artist groups may apply to fund a finite art project.

Please note: Stock grants do not fund an artist's or group's overall practice, nor do we fund organizations. If you have a question about how this might apply to you, please contact us.

For each granting cycle the first ten Project Proposals that meet all of the proposal requirements below will be included in the running for our grant. If funded, you will be responsible for making a presentation to the Stock community regarding your progress on this project at the next Stock dinner (approximately 6-8 weeks after receiving the grant).


Please tell us and the voters about your project by responding to the following questions. Your words and images will be displayed on an 11X17 poster during the granting dinner event.

1. Project Summary (one sentence).
Write a one sentence summary for your project. These will be read aloud at the dinner.

2.Project Description (100-word maximum).
Describe your project. Please be as specific and tangible as possible.

3. Project Relevance (100-word maximum).
Why is this project important now? What is the project's historical, personal, and contextual background?

4. Use of Funds (50-word maximum).
How will you specifically spend the money if you are funded?

5. Project Presentation (100-word maximum).
Each funded artist must present their project at the next Stock dinner (6-8 weeks later). Tell us about what you will share. What format will it take - an activity or object, documentation of event, work in progress, slide lecture, performance, something else?

6. Submit four digital images (3"x 5" or 900 x 1500 px at 300 dpi maximum size) related to your project or past projects that illustrate your proposal (examples: sketches, maps, diagrams).

7. Number each image and attach a numbered list of one-sentence descriptions for each.

Please see the main page of our blog for thematic instructions, the most current deadlines, dinner dates and locations.

To submit a proposal (or ask questions) email: