Friday, October 16, 2009

RSVP for STOCK October 18th

The last artists to receive a grant from Stock, Mariah Maines and Jess Hirsch, took home $500 in cash at the end of the evening. They'll be presenting on what they did with the money this Sunday.

In addition to the presentation, we will have six proposals vying to win October's pot of gold from the following artists:

  • Tesar Freeman & Claire LaMont

  • Sandy Sampson

  • Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen

  • Forrest Martin

  • Jamie Marie Waelchli

  • Abra Ancliffe

We'll also be unveiling our new two-round (aka runoff) voting system.

Will you vote to fund start-up costs for a magazine, help an artist purchase supplies for a large-scale installation, support a stay-at-home lecture series, buy books for a specially curated library, pay artist fees for a talented-yet-unrecognized artist or assist in a campaign to remove a plaque from the park blocks?

RSVP to portlandstock at gmail dot com

When and where?
Sunday, October 18, 6-8 PM (do rsvp. dinner is first come first serve)
Gallery Homeland, SE 11th and Division

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